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Interview with Games Magazine

JVL Gaming
Interview by: Inna Levitan, Executive Director & Chairman
May 25, 2017

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1) What are the most important products currently in the company and what is the main characteristic?

JVL has been rapidly developing and growing in the South American gaming market with its Iconic classics Altera HH and Maple HH, while showing great promises for the ultimately versatile ECHO. We are excited about our brand new vertical cabinet, the Altera V, which houses a crystal clear HD1080 32” monitor for extraordinary graphics. The custom designed linkable progressive games will impress even the most discerning clients. The digital Progressive signage is the first of its kind with seamless 46” digital panels which create a unique video wall that is available in 2 and 3 monitor configurations.


2) The company has 30 years in the gaming industry. How did that road go until today?

JVL began its journey in the amusement industry and eventually evolved into the thrilling world of gaming. Having the amusement and music component as the backbone of development, JVL has had the benefit of intimately understanding the importance of lush graphics and profound fine-tuned sound. Region specific products, coupled with our noteworthy business model of revenue participation, JVL has become the MUST-HAVE brand on every casino floor.


3) For several years JVL Gaming has been working in Latin America. What are the differences between that market and the rest of the world?

We are very proud to have been accepted into the Latin American gaming industry with open arms. JVL focuses its development efforts on the needs of the Latin American clients and by doing so has been able to flourish in that market place. Financial institutions are hesitant on lending to casino operations, therefore savvy operators are catching on to our brilliant business model of revenue participation, whereby they do not invest in machines, but rather partipate in the revenue sharing.


4) What are the future objectives of the company?

JVL is a highly efficient and fast growing gaming developer/manufacturer. We are adament about continuing to provide a high value product that is region-based while offering our unique revenue participation model in Peru and Colombia, with expansions into Mexico, Brazil and Indian Gaming in the United States.